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Smoke Doors

Supply & Install New Smoke Doors

Complete construction level works to supply and install new smoke doors and hardware for an entire building, from tendering stage all the way through ongoing servicing and maintenance during the Defects Liability Period. A fully range of fire ratings can be catered for, with several suppliers able to supply any size or type of smoke door.

Repair & Maintain Existing Smoke Doors

We service and perform compliant testing of smoke doors under AS1851-2012. Any defects that are identified can be repaired or upgraded in accordance with AS1905-2005, using certified hardware and materials as required to bring the door back to compliance and working order.

Inspect & Test Smoke Doors

Full compliant testing to AS1851-2012, done at the same time as any fire doors onsite. Any defects or upgrades required to bring the smoke doors up to compliance is provided in a quotation before any works are completed.  

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