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Fire Rated Penetration

Install Of Compliant Fire Service Penetration Seals

We are uniquely capable of identifying a penetration seal type, carrying out the seal installation and providing full certification to AS4072.1. This includes any penetration through a fire barrier, both horizontal and vertical, from any service feed; including plumbing, gas, cable trays, and many more. Installing tested fire stopping systems in line with AS1530.4 and AS4072.1.

Certification of Penetrations

Fire rated service penetrations installed by Hingineering will be certified in accordance with AS 4072.1 best practice guidelines.


We are able to apply extensive passive fire industry knowledge and technical experience to assist you compile your Passive Fire Penetration Register. From identifying a penetration seal type, to carrying out the seal installation and providing full certification to AS 4072.1. Full building audit of the fire compartments to identify the penetrations through fire walls and floors is conducted to compile the register.


This register should then be reviewed annually in accordance with AS1851-2012, to ensure no penetration seals have been disturbed or removed. This involves attending to each penetration seal and comparing the photograph of the installation against the penetration now. Then developing a list of failures and quotations to rectify, and bring these penetration seals back to compliance, is sent through for approval.

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